Who is this mysterious man?

So I reference my husband many times already. But who is he? For consistency I will refer to him as Senor, for reasons you will soon find out.

He is a full blown 100% Haitian man. He came to the United States for education, fell in love and stayed. I’ve seen his country many times and am more in love with that island then I can voice. It’s a long standing knowledge that Senor just has to say “pack up” and I’m on the next flight to Haiti with a one way ticket.

So back to Senor. He’s an intelligent man who works very hard for both family and friends. He knows four languages (one being spanish, thus his reference name). He has many degrees under his belt and many more to come. This man works hard to help people down on the island and will literally give someone the shirt off his back if asked. He’s serious when he needs to be but also loves to bring jokes to any occasion.

He’s my knight in shining armor and I am never letting him go.


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