world issues

Zika generation

Oh how I pray for those affected with the Zika pandemic. I can not even put my mind around the effects this will have in the future. A whole generation of kids will need specialized help in countries not necessarily equipped for it. Not to mention the fear right now to become pregnant during this time.

There are those who point fingers. They think that this disease is because of biological alternation of an insect. Regardless of the reason,  there needs to be a cure before more babies are being affected.

I have a friend who is a missionary down in these effected countries. She is about four months pregnant and is trying to do everything she can to protect her baby. Senor and I are planning a trip to south America this summer and I hope two things before we leave: 1) it will be winter there so hopefully the bugs are gone, 2) they would have found a vaccine.

Regardless, this is nothing to look down upon. It’s not a third world problem. It’s a world issue. There are already cases in the United states from people who traveled to these countries. Soon it may come to our doors. We can not stop insects from flying over our border.


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