Taking Notice

Just read today’s daily bread and it really caught my eye.

There are so many times throughout the day that I forgot what God has given me and focus only on what is wrong with my life. Many of us go through life in this one way tunnel. We keep pushing forward into despair wonder what we have done for God to hate us so. Why did that person die? Why did we loose our job?  Why did our love one turn their back on us? So many hardships we battle that we forget that our God is bigger.

He has proven time and again that the Lord is powerful and in control. I am reminded of a road trip my mom and I planned long ago. We were delayed and became frustrated by that. (My family is never late!!) Finally we were off and came to a detour in the major highway. Come to find out that just minutes before there was a major accident in the road. It’s possible that if we were not delayed, my mother and I could have witnessed or been apart of that accident. Thankfully we just followed the flow of traffic away from the scene.

Life is much like that example. We bang our heads against the wall whining to God on the injustice of life and forget to look towards him and find the blessings that he grants us.

Today, think about such things, What has God done for us? Stop looking at the negative and see the glory that shines down from Heaven.


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