What lays behind the scenes. ..


In different times in our lives, and I’m no exception, we feel that God has forsaken us, left us for dead, and walked away never to care about our well being ever again. We walk through life like this young man in the picture. Sadden, hopeless, miserable. ….

Then God pulls the curtains away and we see what is going on behind the scenes. In our world there are two forces battling continuely hour after hour. Minute after minute. Stupid satan doesn’t get that Jesus won the war 2000 years ago but still satan keeps causing trouble. His demons run rapid through our lives trying to get us away from God. Trying the best they can to keep people away from our heavenly abba. It is then, especially then, that God’s angels take up the fight and fly into action. They are there for our protection. Almost like heavenly secret service. They battle for us.

Please remember this picture. God never leaves, he is always watching always listening. And his angels are forever battling demons for our sake.


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