Oh the past


I know that I’ve mentioned previous about a past mistake in my life. Or at least hinted on it.

Before I knew that Senor existed,  I fell in love (or young foolish love as I now see it) with a friend from church. It took me a few years to finally realize that I gave and gave but recieved nothing sturdy to stand on. Promises were broken, trust was lost. The basic bad boy mentality that resulted in me thinking more positive of the relationship then what was actually there. I finally ended the relationship when he landed in jail for the upteenth time and was on a one way ticket back to prison. And that was that.

Found out that a few months after that happened, Senor boarded a plane and headed for Minnesota.  Unknown to either of us, that was the start our hearts colliding.

If the guy from my past saw me now, he might not even recognize me. As what the picture says, I’ve put back the pieces differently.  I’m no longer the push over, shy girl he knew. I have self confidence now and a will to make life better for all.

He wouldn’t know who this lady is if he ran into me on the street. And that’s okay, cause I have no use for him anymore in my life. I have Senor and the rest of those who have stood the test of time. I am finally complete.


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