The Best Is Yet to Come


Many times I’ve heard it say, this is just a journey back home. Life on earth is bad at times. We see loved ones die, families fall apart, hopes and dream shattered, wars rage on, leaders become corrupt over money and power. As Christians we must endure all things and rely on God strength to get us through. We must strive until the end, until we reach our final home.

But how can we when life destroys itself all around us? How can we move forward as witness to our loving Abba, when hatred and greed flourish? That’s when we have to daily find strength jn Him. Read your bible, listen to his small still voice, bring concerns and events to his throne and ask for assistance to make it, just one more day, one more minute through life. He had promised us to never leave us. He will walk with us until we arrive home.

Then all will be worth it when we see the fruits of our labor as we sit at the feet of Jesus in Heaven.

keep plunging on…..the best is yet to come.


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