Family doesn’t have to be blood.

Being family doesn’t mean you are only related by blood/genes. Being someone’s family is a life long commitment to another that regardless of what happens in life, you have their back.

My family is a fair size.  But when you enclude others who are like family, the amount is even greater.

There’s my best friend Susie. What we have gone through is enough to test the strings of any friendship. But we have stayed strong through it all.

There’s my dear friend Heather and her little family. Chance brought them unto our family and nothing will pull them away.

The Fredrickson family, we grew up together under the watchful eye of our parents. Two families bonded together through a lifetime.

My wonderful friends Junior and Jenny and there sweet little ones, it seems so easy to be together over food and laughter. May our two young families continue to grow together.


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