Ugh, junk food. …


I grew up on this stuff, I drank pop, had cookies/cakes/and all sorts of boxes pastries. Mom made homemade meals at times, but we also got boxed dinners and frozen entries too.

I was so use to this food until I married Senor. Then it all changed. He is use to whole foods from the market. Food from the farm to his plate. So soon after we were married, boxed and canned food became a almost nonexistent.  Now those food items don’t even taste right, other then chips  (hehe). I forgot how to make boxed mac n cheese. Canned soup tastes salty. Fast food for me is stopping at the deli, ordering pizza, or stopping at jimmy johns or Chipotle. Mh last fast food stop consisted of a burger and fries and I can still taste the meat, it didn’t taste like beef to me….


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