Forgiveness. …

Some people are easier to forgive then others…..why is that?

For years I held onto bitterness toward a guy from my past. There was nothing about him that I felt positive about. Back then, he could have become pope and I would still have negative thoughts about him.  Awhile ago, he found me on Facebook and apologized to me for all the pain he caused me. I knew I could no longer hold onto that bitterness anymore without ruining my future. So yes, I forgave him and moved on. It felt freeing. Like a great burden was lifted off of me.

If only I can do that for my father…..

It’s hard but sad for me. I want to move forward in my relationship with my dad. I want to forgive him for abusing me. But then the anger and bitterness rage back and I remember that what he did ruined the rest of my life. He will be the last person to forgive from my past. And it’s still so hard to do so…..

Sometimes it’s easier to ignore people in life then face the anger you have held against them for so long.


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