2017….a new year, a new me.

Since my post, life has been turned upside down. Many things have happened.  I have always wanted to post my life struggles on here, but with my depression weighting me down, I could not. Yet, through all the storms, God was and will remain faithful.

After years of struggle within my marriage, Senor and I decided to call it quits.  There was a lot of pain coming from both sides during our marriage. We tried as much as we could, but it wasn’t enough. We are still friends and hold no bitterness between us.

I moved into my own house. It’s a cute little one bedroom place with antique characteristics. I have an office now and can focus on my writings and blog. I also am working on getting my Young Living business going while i’m at it. Life is sure busy. But not overwhelmed.

Alass, I must part. A very wonderful little girl is waiting for me to babysit her tonight. I shall venture here again soon.


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