Oh faith, where do you disappear to?

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.
Romans 10:17 ESV


Faith is such a strong and confusing word. One can have faith that their taxi will arrive on time. They have faith in family members and friends. 

Faith can also leave you. After broken promises. After lies and abuse one can no longer have faith in that one person.

But faith in an unseen God. Faith in his love and guidance is something that is hard to grasp. Yet many have put their lives on the line for this faith. It’s a faith of the unknown. It’s walking step by little step in life not knowing what is to come. People have no money yet still live by faith that God will make a way. There are parents who await patiently with faith for their child to come. 

Faith is everything. Faith keeps us going. Faith feeds our soul in a world full of unbelief. When others are worried, faith gives hope. When others give up, faith says keep going. 

Just even a small amount of faith in God can make a big difference in our lives.


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