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Here are 20 facts about me.

1) I am a Christian. Born again, saved, renewed!!! Without my Lord Jesus, I would be nothing. I would have no reason to live this life. I can not stress the importance of Jesus in my life. He has guided me, loved me, seen me through so many hardships. Some days I forget to talk to him or read his word. But I know that he is always there for me when I finally remember to consult him in life.
2) I am a Yooper. I was born and spent my first 27 years of life in the great land of the upper peninsula of Michigan. There is a definite difference of culture in that land then other areas of the USA. work ethic is stronger, family bonds are also tight. People get through the hardships of life with little or no complaining.
3) I have 4 degrees. In my 20’s I gained two associate degrees at a community college. Associates in the arts and Associates in Administrative Assistant. When I moved to Minneapolis, my husband supported me in getting my Bachelors in Education, Elementary Education with a minor is Social Studies. A few years after that degree I became bored and went for my Master’s in Special Education.
4) I love Hip Hop music. *laugh* at this current time I am blaring Pandora’s Christian hip hop rap channel. I will listen to it from when I wake up to when I go to bed, sometimes even in my car when I’m bored with the radio stations. I just like the beat, the lyrics, the truth through these rhymes.
5) My passion is history. I get lost in the history section in Pinterest. I love looking at old houses and buildings in the cities. When I have the time and money, I would venture to museums and just get lost in the information. and yes, I do cry when I see an old building get torn down.
6) I love to travel out of the country. I have been to Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Chile.  I would love to see other countries as well, when I can. Before I get to heaven, I hope to have visited every continent except Antarctica *smile*.
7) I was not a smart student when i was younger. I had problems paying attention in class and learning. When I was between 2nd and 3rd grade I was diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder. This effected my grades pretty much until my late 20’s. I am horrible at spelling but love LOVE to write. So lately I would depend on the dictionary, spell check, and other people.
8) I was also shy and soft spoken as a child. In high school, I would be forgotten by teachers and classmates alike. But when I graduated and went to community college that all changed. I found my voice and well, didn’t care too much what people thought. That has only gotten stronger in my 30’s. lol Some days, I have not filter.
9) I am a child of a broken marriage. My mother divorced my father when i was a senior in high school. Previous to the divorce, I finally opened up to the sexual abuse that I was victim of my father. When he was unrepentant of this abuse and refused to face the issue, my mother filed for divorce. I stayed with her until I moved to Minnesota almost 10 years later. I currently have no contact with my father for a variety of reasons.
(boy this is harder then I thought…)
10) I was a tomboy as a child. I didn’t like to dress up and would prefer comfortable clothes instead. Now it’s all about dresses and looking good. I can’t wait until summer so i can finally wear my summer dresses and cute short/shirts. Oh and my high healed sandals. lol complete 180 from my younger years of jeans and shirts!!
11) I still have contact with my ex’s. Both my ex-finance and my ex-husband are still friends with me. There isn’t a bitterness within our relationships. Ryan, my ex-finance, has helped me thru a lot of these past several months with my divorce. The divorce was horrible for me and I cried so much over the situation. Ryan let me talk to him about it and offered understanding advice. We grew up together and our talks really get to the core of things. During my Christmas trip back home, we met and spent an hour talking. It was like good ol’ times when we were just friends. Senor, my ex-husband (I’m still going to use his secret name), is still apart of my life as a friend. He helped me get my new job using my special education degree. He’ll offer advice in situations and we spend time together at mutual friends’ house. I guess marriage just was too much for our friendship, but we found a comfortable existence after the divorce.
12) I can be impulsive. Like last night, instead of doing my blog entry, I watched four episodes of a Netflix show and then went to bed. lol maybe that was just being lazy. lol
13) I miss my grandparents. When growing up, I had three sets of grandparents. My mother’s parents died before i was born (grandma) and when I was a year old (grandpa). I miss them almost more then my other grandparents because i never got a chance to know them as much as the rest of the family did. My father’s parents lived in a different state and we would visit often. I miss my grandma’s regal personality and my grandpa’s presence. Grandma’s personality was more for a socialite then a farmer’s wife. But she pressed on in the face of hardships. Grandpa was always quiet and easy-going. But he too bared a burden on his shoulder, we didn’t know until soon before he died. My third set of grandparents were my next door neighbors. They were an older couple that I grew up with and since I had no grandparents near me, they adopted me as their own. I would bring them sweets when I baked with my mom and grandma would also cook Finish sweets for me. I would be invited on trips with her other grandchildren and spent many afternoons just sitting in their living room or kitchen talking until I moved to Minnesota. They both died while I was living here and I was not able to go to the furnals. Even to this day, whenever I see wheel of fortune, I remember our nights together always watching and guessing the phrase before the contestants.
14) I sell essential oils. About a year ago, my friend Kerri got me interested in Young Living essential oils and I have been hooked ever since.
15) I am a former smoker. I smoked for a while in my 20’s and then stopped while I was married to senor. When we broke up, I started up again with the smoking. He has helped me quit, but the urge is still and will always be there. I will always have that urge to light a cigarette, especially during times of stress.
16) I love working with and being with kids. I would want to spend most of the day with kids around, teaching them and just helping them succeed. In a perfect world, i would want to foster care and/or adopt kids. I admire the people with big families and would love to have one as well.
17) I believe in unseen spirits. Do I want to see them? nope. But I know they exist either as souls from late relatives or demons sent to do harm. I have felt the presence of my grandmother (mom’s mom) at my mother’s house many times. I also know that Satan has many demons that he sends to scare and hurt us. The difference, I believe, is the way we feel when we feel their presence. When I know my grandmother is around I get a sense of peace and safety. When I see spirits on TV or Pinterest and I get the feeling of fear, I know it is not from God but from satan.
18) With that said, I use to be apart of a cult when i was at the community college. It was a year of dread and fear. I was a Christian previous, but with all the pain I was in from the abuse and Ryan’s prison record, I stepped away from God and went to satan for understanding. I knew deep down that this wasn’t the life I should be living. It was not blessed. It felt so uncertain. I was deep into being a medium, working with spirit boards, talking to other mediums and their guest spirits, and mind control. After a year, I walked away and spent several months wondering if God would ever take me back. Then on October 7, 2003 I walked back into salvation without fear of satan’s control in my life.
19) I love to be organized. I can’t stand it when there is clutter in the room. The only spot in my house that is messy is the kitchen and that’s pretty much when I’m too busy (or tired) to clean the dishes that day (or days, lol) but eventually I get that room cleaned too. My motto is: everything in it’s place.
(whew almost done)
20) I love to experience other cultures. Their food, celebrations, customs, anything. It’s all about learning and appreciating other people’s lives.
21) lol A little extra info: I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! if you ever want to get on my good side, just throw chocolate at me. lol

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