Stereotypes….in the real world

Just look at the picture. There are two types of people in the world: one will think that snoop dogg is the convicted felon, and the other who know the truth…..

Why do we stereotype people based on dress or even the color of their skin? Once you know the truth, your eyes will be open to a new look at life. Not every white person is innocent and not all non-white person is a jail bird.

I grew up with maybe a handful of people in my hometown that wasn’t white. Yet, they were (and still are) looked at skeptically as someone who is up to something. That is so not true. Majority of the crime done in the area were conducted by white boys. the drug ring was white men, the abuse done behind closed doors….white people. But the stereotype still held against those individuals who moved into the area that didn’t have European background…..

So before you walk up to the next person, make sure you don’t have a stereotyped mindset….

cause who you think might be dangerous couldn’t hurt a fly and the person you may think you can trust with your kids might be a convicted felon…..


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