Hidden figures…..

There were alot more behind closed doors.

Why has the United States surpressed the African American community and their contributions to society? In a few years we will celebrate 200 since the end of the civil war.  Yet in 1960s we had the civil rights movement to give the African American community civil rights. And in 2017 we are still fighting the rights for our brothers and sisters to be honored, respected, and given the opportunities that every peron already has. 

I watched hidden figures this afternoon, three very educated women were beneficial to nasa to fly into space. There were other African American people in the past who invented known products we take for granted (concret, traffic lights, etc) but they are not honored. 

This must not be taken lightly. Our brothers and sisters must be given the credit that is due to them. They must be honored for who they are. Great leaders! Great inventors! Great minds!!!


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