crime · immigration · injustice

Injustice needs to end….

Just last week alone, two murders happened in North Minneapolis. Countless more shootings may have happened that the reporters do not know about….

when it is going to stop?

when will our streets be free of crime?

when will we be able to walk outside our doors at night without being afraid?

Life brought me to this area and I’m proud to say that I love living in the North Minneapolis zone. But at what point will the community stand up for their rights to live and stop the violence?

This blog is to open our eyes to the injustice of different cultures. Yet, young and old, rich and poor still fight for a living and their lives. Black men are being targeted for reasons that are not fair. Gunned down as though they are a mob boss in the rich era of Al Capone, yet they are hard working individuals with a rent payment and a work schedule. They are regular men with a house full of kids and not a illegal cent to their name. But certain people think they are all the same and will gun down anyone they think “is a threat.”

Yet they are not…..

The real threat isn’t the man down the street walking to his next job. The real threat isn’t a group of boys in the local basketball court, trying their best to stay on top.

The real threat is the ignorance that we all have against others in our community. It’s a fear that keeps our doors locked at night, switching our eyes around when we drive down “that one  street.” It’s walking away from a group of people because they just don’t seem right. It’s choosing a different register at the store because you don’t trust the cashier who is “that kind of people.”  Or don’t stop at the store you ‘think’ is shady just based on the owner’s heritage.

Injustice doesn’t trickle down from higher power, it starts with us. It’s starts in the daily thinking we all have. One day, we will fight the injustice and live in a world where our kids can once again ride down the street without fear.

Until then, it’s our duty to fight for this freedom. Fight for the justice to once again stand strong in our community!


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