Who am I?

Let’s see. What makes Jaime, well Jaime. And why on earth would she want to start a blog?

First here is my background:

I am a small town girl that turned into a city lady. I grew up playing barefoot outside and spent days in the summer visiting my aunt out in the country. Life was simple back then being the youngest of four kids to a homemaker and utility worker. We didn’t have much, but our mother made do with what we had and made life special.

I was planning on staying in the same town, marrying someone from the area and settle into the world I knew. It was then that I found my life was going nowhere. I loved the closeness of smalltown feel, but I needed more. I did not realize the life that God had instore for me.

After a surprise stay at the hospital with kidney stones and ecoli, I was surprised to get a message from a total stranger. He swept me off my feet. Within a few months of talking, we were engaged and then married a year after we met. I moved to the cities to be near him shortly after our engagement.  I didn’t know what that transition meant for the rest of my life, but looking back it was the best decision that I’ve made. When I moved away from my comfort zone, I bloomed. I found my voice and my heart for others. I was opened up to different cultures and experiences. The once timid girl had blossomed into a fighter for justice.

I am also a survivor. A survivor of child sexual abuse, manipulative friendships, and an abusive marriage. I’ve seen the worse in those around me and still move forward. Like a phoenix I rise above what was meant to kill me and soar beyond the pain.

Secondly, why a blog? Many reasons place this into my life. I love to write. As young as I can remember I have placed words together to make something specular. Someday I will publish my writings and poems, but for right now blogging will have to do.

There is also the request from others who want my ideas and interests to be showcased in the cyber world. Maybe it’s just flattery but I took the bait.

Currently I am working as a direct support professional, sell Young Living Essential Oils, and personal assistant to a father advocacy company based in North Minneapolis. Some days are hard to fit everything in and other times I enjoy watching tv without a care about my to do list. (Which seems to never get completed.)